Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFCT) Externship® – Reno, NV – IN PERSON

info for in-person EFT couple therapy externship. August 1-3, Reno, NVThe EFCT Externship is the initial training required for all subsequent advanced EFT trainings and the beginning of the road toward certification. Completing one allows you to become a full member of ICEEFT (and you will receive a discounted rate for membership). Full membership allows you to be listed on ICEEFT’s “Find a Therapist” section of their website, listing your location, credentials and completion of an EFT Externship. This helps people in your area searching for an EFT-oriented therapist locate you much more easily!

The EFT Externship is a multiple-day immersion in the Emotionally Focused Therapy model developed by Dr. Sue Johnson. The complete EFT treatment map will be presented. Specific interventions, attachment theory, accessing and processing of emotions, systemic understandings and much, much more will be covered.

In this Externship, you will learn to:

  • See relational distress from an attachment perspective.
  • Help clients reprocess their emotional responses that have contributed to and maintained distress.
  • Shape key corrective emotional experiences, overcoming blocks and creating more security.
  • Obtain a clear understanding of the basic experiential and systemic concepts of an “Emotionally Focused” approach to therapy.
  • Be able to view clients in the web of their interpersonal attachments and conceptualize relationship distress and repair based on theories of attachment and emotion.
  • EFT is a relational therapy. The Externship will focus on the model of EFCT laid out in the 2019 book, Attachment Theory in Practice, and teach the model as implemented in couple therapy sessions.
  • Develop skills in sharing and maintaining an engaged, open and collaborative alliance with clients.
  • Develop skills in the 5 moves of the basic macro-intervention – the EFT Tango – in order to change patterns of affect regulation, models of self and other, strategies for engaging others and interactional patterns.
  • Develop skills in EFT micro interventions taken from experiential and attachment systemic models of intervention.
  • Develop skills in overcoming common blocks and impasses in couple therapy and so shape core corrective emotional experiences that lead to constructive dependency and what Rogers termed ‘existential living.’

You will also see EFT in action during live consultation sessions.