Why EFT?

EFT therapists practice a highly effective method of attachment-based therapy from an attuned, non-judgmental stance. EFT honors each client’s whole experience.

Who We Are

The Reno / Tahoe Community for EFT is a network of local therapists with varying amounts of training in EFT who wish to support each other clinically and increase public access to effective therapy.

Our Mission

We are committed to fostering the development of an inclusive and diverse, peer-directed community of competent, collaborative EFT therapists in this region to fill the community's need for well-trained therapists.

Better Therapy Starts Here



Welcome to the Reno / Tahoe Community for Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)!  We are dedicated to two purposes: providing resources to an increasingly diverse group of therapy professionals who want to support one another in excelling in the practice of EFT; and providing information to members of our community in need of access to effective therapy.  RCEFT is an affiliated community of the International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy.  Click on the ICEEFT logo below for resources and to learn more.


RCEFT maintains an active roster of educational and training events for therapists, students and community members.

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Reno Tahoe Community for EFT- Members

Amanda Stewart, LCSW is a certified EFT therapist in Reno, NV
Amanda Stewart, LCSW
Certified EFCT Therapist
Helen Going, LCSW
EFT Therapist
Additional Training
Christina Murphy, LMFT
EFT Therapist
Additional Training
Karen McKinney, LCSW is an EFT Therapist in Reno
Karen McKinney
EFT Therapist
Additional Training
Hillary Harris, CPC-I
EFT Therapist
Additional Training
Susan Blesch, EFT therapist in Reno, NV
Susan Blesch, LMFT
EFT Therapist
Additional Training
Jamie Sacks, LMFT. EFT Therapist in Truckee
Jamie Sacks, LMFT
EFT Therapist
Additional Training

Cornelius Sheehan, LCSW

RCEFT Founder and Director

Certified EFT Therapist & Supervisor for Couples, Individuals and Families